The beginning
Growing up in a small fishing town called Kungshamn (Kings Harbor)

Everything was small, but with a view that did take your breath away; while the eyes  was reaching to the end of the horizon!
School and school classes where small but the teachers where tall, hmmm. People in general where small… in length I mean, I don’t think it was the freezing winds with the ability to reach in to the backbone and shake you around that made the older folks stooped, more the hard work from sunrise to the late nights that did that kind of thing. Everyone did their part to make the village to work and to evolve, mainly with the fishing industry as the big force like a heart beat that everyone followed. For me, I had my fish allergy and trying to fit in.

During wintertime we walked on the frozen sea to come to the islets nearby, as the small explorers we were. Summertime was another ballgame with rock climbing and from the age that you can start your father’s motorboat, you had the permission to use it as you please. For me it was a problem, for my father had a no electric starter on his motorboat, and I remember the many hours I spent down at the boat hanging on that damn starter rope with all my weigh trying to start it, with no success.

Memory lane
At later age when I started to revisits old places and see these same spots but with another point of view, starting to connecting the dots and patterns start to emerge.

To stand down at the shipyard what was built for helping small to medium size fishing boats, needing the repairs to go out to sea again and your mind starting to rewind to the time before. You lower yourself to get down to the right angles and you are starting to see yourself in the summer time; the sun is gasping for air as the little boy played under pier, finding curios things and parts to salvage. All the fragrances starting to emerge, bit and pieces to the whole orchestra of flavors, like a rocketship thats bursting to takeoff with the half dried seaweed, tar from the bigger boats and salty air that makes your thirsty just by breathing…

Now my closest companions is my Nikon D800E and its little sister Fujifilm X100 they follow me almost everywhere and helping me to continue to open my eyes and let me see the world for what it is…
My castle is a apartment in central parts of a bit lager town now called Gothenburg, so my playground is even larger than before.

Sucker for details
I have always notice that I see things that others don’t take time to see
Shadows have the whole world as a playground and do it every day, all day. They even leave markers in plain site in a curios and playful way and people still don’t see it.
That’s why I started this site, Uncut – The world thou my eyes.


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